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If you can’t tell from all the half-naked sexpots splashed across my book covers and my site’s banner images, I love writing steamy, seductive, sex-filled stories. AKA erotic romance. (I also really like alliteration.) Just like my characters, I like to explore and experiment with a wide variety of sex acts, scenarios, people, and levels of raunch and romance. (Via my writing, you delightful pervs.)

I like to say I write Leather and Lace Romances. What is that exactly? Erotic-Romance-Novels-Penny-Howell

Well, sometimes my characters are rough, brooding types (the leather). Other times, they’re sweet little pussycats (the lace).  And oh yeah, I also like writing about BDSM. The rough stuff. You know, exploring the world of dominants, submissives, and safewords. Leather crops, whips, begging, pleasurable pain, pain-pain – all of that. Sometimes there are happy endings. Sometimes there aren’t (but that’s not always a bad thing). 

Have particular tastes and aren’t looking to explore? Don’t worry. I try to make it clear for my readers what they’re downloading, so there are no surprises. Still, you’ve been forewarned.

I have a simple motto: A little love and a lot of sex makes me a happy lady. Now, aren’t those are words to live by? Obviously I think so, and since you’ve stumbled upon this little dungeon of mine, I think you probably do, too.

And, hey – thanks for visiting!

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